“A goal of mine is to work for the most prepared buyers in the marketplace.”

-Tom Brown


Think like a Seller while you are a Buyer

You’ve heard it all before: Location, location, location. After you purchase your new home, you will someday want to resell it. That’s when I want you to be rewarded, not haunted, by your real estate decision.


The 80/20 rule

Eighty percent of the time you are at home, you’ll be using only twenty percent of your property. We will make sure the high traffic areas are suitable for your long term enjoyment.


Stay Focused

Home buyers process a phenomenal amount of information; you’ll undoubtedly encounter distractions along the way. It may become easy to lose sight of the mission; to acquire the right property. I will prepare you to identify and overcome distractions as you encounter them.


Negotiate with respect

When you know the numbers, there are no surprises. Nothing is accomplished when we only see things one way. I will prepare you by going over the risks and rewards of your negotiation decisions before you make them. We endeavor to create a win-win scenario for buyers and sellers to be successful.

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